LedgerX API Python SDK can be installed in a couple of ways. You could either install it directly from the code repository or from the PyPI repository.

Installation from the PyPI repository

You need to install pip to be able to install LedgerX API Python SDK from the PyPI repository. If you are using a Debian based system, please execute the following commands:

$ sudo apt-get install python3-pip python3-virtualenv

Or any other way to make virtualenv and pip available on your system. If you have ZeroMQ installed then the system will detect that and use your installed version. After that you’ll need to install the client either inside your virtualenv or globally via:

$ pip3 install ledgerx-python


If you opted for installing your own 0MQ version, please make sure that the versions you install are compatiable with PyZMQ.

Installation from the code repository

You will need to install git and virtualenv, and of course you’ll have to have Python v3.5.x installed. After cloning the code repository you’ll need to run a similar command as the above for installing the client:

$ pip3 install cloned_ledgerx_client_directory/